Friday, September 23, 2011

Durham's Nursery

This will be a pictures only post...

I will defiantly be sharing where this came from, who gave us/made us that, and how much some things cost but for now... pictures only.

We can not believe that it is only about 11 weeks till we get to hold our little man. One of the momma's on my pregnancy-board (think chat room of +100 women all due in December 2011) had her little girl yesterday. She was due the very same day as me. Baby and momma are doing well, but could use your thoughts and prayers. Thinking about this last night almost threw me into a panic attack... as much as we want to meet baby Durham, and hold him, and smell him, and see his sweet face... WE ARE NOT READY! Bake baby, Bake... stay inside as long as you want. haha

there is obviously still a few things to do... mostly to buy... but with 3 (yes, three, we are so blessed) baby showers in the next 3 weeks we should be showered with enough to get us ready. I can not wait to celebrate with my friends and family.


Hello I'm Lala! said...

Awww how cute!! You should our mess of a nursery.

Morgan said...

aw! Love that wall color and the room looks perfect for a baby boy. =)

Anonymous said...

Pam, thanks for the sweet mention. I love love love those pillows!

Mommara said...

Holy LOVE but, you already know that! ! Praying for your friend for sure!


Mary @ VivalaVida said...

Oh my goodness!! It's perfect!! So so pretty!! I love the pillow with his name on it.

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