Thursday, September 1, 2011

Counting Sleeps

When we were kids... we counted sleeps.
It was my moms way of helping us understand how long it was until we did something...
like "we'll go to sleep 5 more times then we'll leave for vacation" or 
"we'll go to sleep 2 more times and then school starts back"

It kinda migrated to sleeps and my brother and I still use them 
to count down to exciting stuff. here's what's going on around here...

2 more sleeps until college football starts!
go dawgs. sic'em

3 more sleeps until we hang out with our friends from St. Pete!
we miss you J&C

4 more sleeps until the hubs and I get to spend the day together!
yeah for being off on Labor Day

13 more sleeps until the baby belly is in the 3rd trimester!
grow baby grow

19 sleeps until my new favorite show is on!
Say hello to Zooey Deschanel on Fox

24 sleeps until my first baby shower!
I have the best girls anyone could ask for

September is going to be a very awesome month, I can already tell!
Happy September Ladies! What are you excited about?!


Morgan said...

That is such a sweet idea! And I love your countdowns using sleeps. =)

The Hill House said...

I count things in "sleeps" for the boys too. It just makes it so much easier for them to understand and keep track of. It sounds like you have lots of fun and exciting stuff coming up in the next few sleeps. :)

Katie said...

Aw- I LOVE St. Pete! We have a time share there! (totally random, i know- LOL!)

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