Sunday, July 10, 2011

the weekend...

this post could almost be titled:
what the pregnant-fatty ate over the weekend
because most of these phone pictures have to do with food. haha

I did spend most of the weekend here... at Tanger. This night I was trying to catch the sunset. I love how it is staying light until 9pm here. Makes you feel like you can get so much more done in your day!


It was a HOT one here in Georgia too... we had a quick thunderstorm that cooled things down to a balmy 90 or so, but for the majority of the weekend it was HOT, HOT, HOT!


Just a few of the things the baby made me eat. (haha) Arbys beef and cheddar.
Movie and pizza date night with the hubs, and zaxbys salad.
(ps. I think that Jesus owns Zaxbys... those salads are just heavenly)


My favorite part of the weekend was visiting with baby Sawyer. She is such a sweet doll. I loved catching up with her mommy and daddy and hearing all about new-parent life. The hubs thinks this is the smallest baby he has ever held. (seeing how he has only held like 3 ever, that is probably true). My heart just melts listening to the guys talk about baby stuff. I can't wait for bear to be an outside baby!


Bestie is always looking out for me... 
we are thinking "rustic nautical" for baby bears room,
and the boats and such we're on sale this weekend at Hobby Lobby.


ra and Jackson stopped by the store to see me on their way to Old Navy...
I told Jack to give the doggie at ON a high five for me when he got in there.
I love this kid.


The hubs went kayaking on Saturday with some friends from work. He said it was a blast but he was so sore and sunburned (he did put sun block on his face) but guess he thought his legs needed a little tan. whoopsie!


OK, and now for something nasty. So stop reading if you are not feeling so hot today.

I got sick a couple times this week but I didn't really think too much of it (heck, I was throwing up 4-5 times a day for the first 3 mo of this pregnancy... so a little sickness here and there didn't phase me).
It was mostly after breakfast, which this week has been a bowl of cereal and milk. Again, thought nothing of it. Saturday night (pizza and a movie date night) I drink a HUGE glass of milk with my pizza. Like maybe 20oz of milk on the rocks. (I heart ice). I felt so sick the rest of the night. "uuugggg, I'm never eating pizza again".
Once again, I don't really think anything of it. Get up Sunday morning, pour cheerios in a bowl, get out milk, pour in bowl. BARF. It is curdled. Like freekin cottage cheese on my cheerios. WTH? It's not even close to the expiration date. I seriously think I've been drinking spoiled milk all week. poor baby bear.


So, that was my weekend. Hope you had an awesome one.
I have a feeling this week is gonna rock! so!


Morgan said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so sick! That stinks. But yay for eating more food for baby bear! =)

Alicia said...

oh no! i was hungry until i read that last part, lol...but man, your poor hubs, that looks painful! i hope you're feeling better!

Holly said...

I. Want. Papa. Johns. Right. Now.

The Hill House said...

Ugh, soured milk is the WORST!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

A Nautical theme sounds great!! We're doing a vintage airplane theme. You just reminded me of Hobby Lobby!! I so need to go check them out soon! Every time I remember about them it's Sunday and they are closed on Sunday :( Yikes!!! Now that is a tan!! I'm sorry you've been feeling sick. I hope you feel better this week!

Angela said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs - CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy!!!! You will be such a fun mom! :)

Michele said...

I saw this post awhile back and didn't comment. I was probably reading from my phone. It sounds just like what I shared on my blog, ha! I loved getting to eat all sorts of random junk food and fast food when I was pregnant. The craziest thing I craved was Taco Bueno party burriots. I haven't eaten at a Taco Bueno since I gave birth two years ago! Keep cool in this ridiculous heat.

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