Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Cupcakes & Open Letters

I'm a bit under the weather... 
nothing major. sore throat, watery eyes, sneezes.
bleh. Got some serious nap time in my immediate future.

I wanted to share these Valentines Day Heart Cupcakes that Kelly and I made last week...
super easy and super cute. Red velvet cupcakes with butter cream frosting and white chocolate tinted pink to make the hearts. Just do a random heart with a "tail" on the bottom... stick the tail into the cupcake to keep it standing upright.

(I got the idea when I saw these super cute cupcakes here....)


 and some non-related open letter business:

Dear  sweet girl who sat next to me in Photography class (Carrie Ann? ya here?):
I got your email, bbuuuutttt, when I went to find it again and reply, it is no where to be seen. sad face. I definitely want to sign up for class II (esp, since I am still a total photography ding-dong). Please email me, pamela {dot} eaton {at} 
Love, Pam

Dear blogger who likes to take all my ideas and call them your own:
Your welcome. Lovies, Pam

Dear people that I work with:
Yall are seriously the bomb {dot} com. I am so blessed to have such an amazing team and I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Thanks for making my job so easy and my smile so much brighter. You rock.
xoxo, Pam

Dear Jackson, 
So sorry that nanny is sick. I don't want to get any of these germ-ies on you, sweet man. I love you so much. Me and mommy are working on a play date, asap. 
Tutti-ta, Nanny

Dear Sam & Ronnie:
What is up with yall? Please shape up or ship out. I need more Snookie, more Pauly D, I would even take more Sitch... just to have less of your mug on this show. See ya Thursday! :)
BIG fan, Pam

Dear Summer,
I had a precious dream last night... (yall, isn't it c.r.a.z.y. how we dream about people we really don't even know) that your baby miracle came true. I think about you every day and I am so in love with the troops rallying around you guys and your adoption quest. Your strength is amazing. Love, Pam


Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Ok, I know that people have told you this 100 times! You sooooo need to go into the cupcake buisness. These are too cute!

kirkandmona said...

I love that you always give credit for where you saw something or got an's sad that others don't. The cupcakes are super cute. I just found out today that my nephew, Zack, wants red velvet cupcakes for his birthday--maybe we can think of some manly chocolate something to put on top.

mommara said...

<3 Love it all.

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

i adore you sooooooo much! ok, who is copying you and calling it their own????? i NEEED to know! and your email CRACKED my sh*t up!

theultimate said...

Those cupcakes are awesome! And your letters are very funny. =]

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness who frosted those cupcakes :) haha just kidding!

Isabella's Mommy.... said...

Pam, your cupcakes look so fantastic! Neat idea with the hearts too!! I imagine them with a nice tall glass of milk. . . enjoy!!

Breanna said...

Hope you feel better! Cute cupcakes!

Mindy Scott said...

I love your cupcakes, they are always the cutest! One day I am going to get brave and attempt to do something with melted chocolate, I just envision an even bigger mess than I already make just with the icing!

Lindsay said...

Sam and Ron need to go!
Your cupcakes look amazing can you send me some :)
Summer is the best!

Anna @ Take the Side Street said...

Those are so cute they make me want to try them... but I know I'd fail miserably. Still sort of want to try so I can eat my cupcake fail.

Julie @ My Life...Inspired said...

1. I hope you feel better!!!
2. I love this cupcake idea I may just have to make those for Valentine's Day!
3. I wish we lived near each other so we could craft and bake together...and you could teach me a thing or two :)

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