Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I got chills....

I wish I could say it was from all the uber sweet comments yall left on yesterdays post.
yall are really too much.... super sweet ladies & gents.

The chills I've got are from this darn cold. I just.can'
sucks. been on the sofa sleepin it off for what feels like days.
I'm behind on work, behind on blogs, behind on housework.
I don't know what feels worse... 
the cold or the overwhelming sence of non-accomplishment.

That is pretty much me right now... the doritos are my form of crackers (since we don't keep crackers on hand here) nyquil, and mucinex-D, and TP.

Can I just tell yall about this TP for a second. amazing. 
It's the Cottonelle Ultra 
(purple with a dog on it, if you husband is doing the grocery shopping). 
I heart it. 
(Dear Cottonelle, send me some free stuff. Love, Pam)

OK, that's it. back to the sofa.
The giveaway from yesterdays post ends tomorrow at midnight.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!


Michele said...

Feel better soon! Ummm, we're big fans of Cottonelle, too. I never thought I'd write that in a blog comment, ha!

theultimate said...

Aw! Feel better soon! I'm not feeling so hot today either and I really just want to take a nap!

jennifer michelle said...

Hope you get better quick!! And thank you, upon reading your post title, I have the Grease soundtrack stuck in my head..."I got chills....they're multiplyin'! And I'm looooosin' all control..." hahaha but it's okay because I LOVE Grease!! ;)

Feel better!!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Julie @ My Life...Inspired said...

Oh no! Hope you feel better real soon!!!!

kirkandmona said...

Hope you are feeling better--glad you are taking a little "you time" to let your body catch up with your busy fun life.

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