Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What we've been up to...

I feel like a bad blogger....
things have just been really (good) busy around here.

here are the past 5 days... in no particular order.

The man reason our weekend rocked... was that Jeb & Steph were getting married.
We had lots of friends in town and one particularly sweet couple staying with us.
The wedding was beautiful, and the after party was a lot of fun!

We hit up a braves game...
(thanks Tony)

I spent an hour wandering around this little place we call "cupcake heaven"

I stood in line in a sketchy package store to pick this up....
and have yet to make time to install it. But I'm super excited!

Carly & I made lots of yummy treats for our UGA football game.

My favorite picture... Cole watching football in a game day chair!

Allie & Bo playing with Cole...
this was his first time around kids and he did awesome!
they said "can Cole-Cole come home with us? Yall can have Jules!"

Lunch with these beautiful ladies.

My 6-week photography class started last night.
There are about 20 people, half cannon and half nikon.
We learned basics last night...
changing settings
shutter speed
white balance
I know I am going to learn alot...

Hope you all are doing well! Sorry I've been MIA from your blogs,
I promise to get caught up tomorrow night!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


mommara said...

Yayy for a busy weekend. Movies.

Kimberly said...

hey, i know chris and amanda that went with y'all. i work with him. small world!

Julie @ My Life...Inspired said...

You got the silhouette!!!! I'm so jealous :) Looks like a fun weekend!

Lindsey said...

Great pics! And I love ALL of the yummy and adorable goodies!!!

kirkandmona said...

Cole cracks me up in the game chair. Can't wait to use the silhouette with you!!! Maybe Lemon is what we need to plan on for Pamcake day with Brooke. Do you flavor the buttercream frosting too?

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