Monday, November 22, 2010


to my great-grama Conner...
Lula Mae is turning 100 on Thanksgiving Day!

This is a family shot of us...
I'm thinking this was maybe 2004/2005 sometime before the hubs and I got together. 
Great Grama, my parents and my brother and his then girlfriend (now wifey) at her house at Orange Beach.

 {I know yall are jealous about our matching 4th of July Shirts}

Everyone is headed down to party with her this weekend and start her 100th year off right! 
You can read a sweet article about her on the Alabama local news website HERE.

We love you Grama Conner!! Happy Birthday!


It's been a minute since my last post.... sorry peeps! I'm out enjoying life and staying busy being Thankful. Hope you all are taking time out this week to sit and reflect... on things/people/moments that mean the most to you.


Mommara said...

Happy Birthday Grama!

kirkandmona said...

Had a beautiful visit with Grandma this afternoon--she said, "everyone is so busy getting things ready for my birthday--that makes me feel so special." And I said ...who even knows with all the blubbering I was doing! I took some of the frosting (a rose from her cake) and some of the cream cheese mints for her to test ahead of time. She LOVED it!!

ashley said...

my great aunt turns 100 on dec 7th so we're partying with her soon too! :D

Lori said...

She sounds like a really special lady!

I stole your "Cupcake in a Jar" idea and they were a big hit! I just blogged about them today - thanks!

Morgan said...

I love your matching shirts. =] It looks like you have a very sweet, very loving family. =]

And non-related, but I LOVE your bangs in the picture.

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