Monday, August 9, 2010

weekend review

i worked. late. boo.

i worked in the morning.
hubs worked his 2nd job.
that night we celebrated with friends
at a luau for J & S that are getting married in september.

we didn't know many people there, so I will refrain from posting many pics
but, please note that I am on the hunt for a red/black blow up pool to cool
our food in for football season. what a cute idea!!

i fixed breakfast while hubs slept in.
read my ikea catalogue for an hour straight.
chores. and cole got a bath.
movie time / nap time on the couch with hubs.
dinner with my parents & bro & sil at our house
{i guess i only got pics of the food. ha}


Jessica said...

Banana pie ice cream sounds delish!!! I made a batch of tiramisu ice cream in my maker this weekend... so good!

Shanna said...

dinner was so delicious! craving some of that ice cream right now!

ashley said...

looks like a great weekend! oohhh how i need to get on ikea's mailing list!!!

kirkandmona said...

Yummmmm--that ice cream was awesome!! And--look--you caught Cole being good. he he. What a wonderful time we had! You guys keep raising the bar for our family get togethers!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...


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