Monday, June 21, 2010

pre-consignment sale

Me, Momma, SIL Shanna & Granny all trecked over to Aunt Cinda's house last week to dig through the 30 boxes of baby clothes her 2 boys had out grown
(along with some hand-me-downs from Aunt Nae's girl & boy combo).

No. None of us are pregnant.
Aunt Cinda signed up to do a consignment sale,
and she was organizing everything...
so she said we could come over and have 1st dibs.
Hello. We are there! ;)

We had such a good time making little outfits.

Picking favorites.

And playing dress up with her 13 month old Matthew.
(he is such a cutie!)

Thanks Aunt Cinda!!


mommara said...

OMG he is wearing jean diapers! So cute

Aunt Cinda said...

Very sweet; but seriously... please bring a truck! I just can't bring myself to put a price tag on my memories!

kirkandmona said...

Went to Aunt Cinda's yesterday and have a couple more things for you. Some bottoms that match a couple of the things you got.

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