Friday, June 25, 2010

2 Years Old!?!

I can't believe my Godson is TWO today!

I love you so much, Jackson.
You will never know how you changed my life.
You are the sweetest little man.

BIG smiles
"nanny, I hold you"
running everywhere
"a, b, c, d..."
baseball & golf
balls, balls, balls
"i lub you too"

I feel so blessed to have you, to see you every week, to love you, and to be your nanny. We will raise our sippy cups to you tomorrow. Here's to another wonderful year. I love you sweet baby!

<3 Nanny                           

See his momma's posts about his 2nd Birthday HERE & HERE!
(really sweet reads & the pictures above are hers)


Holly said...

that banner is amazing! so perfectly colorful.

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