Monday, March 8, 2010

Muffin-Top Monday! {Week 2}

Confession: I eat TWO breakfasts.

But, it's not what you think. {insert image of two dennys grand slams}
I get up early. I like to. Even now that I'm not commuting to work I still like to be productive in the mornings. So I eat breakfast around 5:30am. Think about it. With a lunch break scheduled at 1:30pm I would be going about 8 hours before eating again! ha. I can hardly go three hours without a snack, let alone 8 hours. So I eat another breakfast around 9am, then a snack at 11ish, and another snack between lunch and dinner. It helps me not to feel starved and over eat.

{1st: Peanut butter & honey on 9-grain thin bun}
 {2nd: cottage cheese & frozen fruit that thaws before I eat it}

And, since I did good at my weigh in I get to eat my favorite snack today!!

{pure heaven}

Notice the honey trend... I heart honey this week. :)
weigh in: -1.2 lbs (and I had french toast for breakfast saturday. not bad!)


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