Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free-Style the Guestroom

We love having guests and entertaining!
Partley because I work well under pressure.
I live for deadlines.
We are having spend-the-night guests this weekend.


I've been wanted to have a mini-make over in our catch-all-guest-room since right after the wedding. For those of you who are new, here is what this room looked like while we were in the midst of wedding planning.

::hanging my head in shame::

this is how it looked up until this week when I started switching stuff out.


I probably shouldn't technically call it a "free" style, since I did spend about $30. But, come on! That is cheep! I'd been stock piling frames and shadow boxes for about 7 months, and pulled out an old quilt, pillows ect. My favorite part it the fabric covered canvas above the bed.  A yard from IKEA and just pulled and glued it around the back. <3


ashley said...

aww adorable, love all the wall art! off subject, you're comment about my pup's "doggie porn" cracked me.. so many of his photos seem too "x-rated" to share :)

mommara said...

It came out amazing! LOVE IT!

Shanna said...

Looks awesome!

Lindsey said...

It looks fabulous, Pam!

B said...

Sooo funny, I just bought exactly the same fabric today to do exactly the same thing! The room looks great.

Saw your comment on Kasey's blog (LolaB's) and thought I'd leave you some comment love...I've never had 65 comments either ;O)

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