Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Treats

Shout out to my BFF IRL {bestie in real life} mommara & SIL {sisterinlaw} Shanna
who both happen to have amazing blogs and baking skills. Thanks for playing in my kitchen today!

We made ::drum roll::

Strawberry Cakepops
Cream Cheese Cookies
Oreo Truffles
Rice Krispys

Then I packed up these cute little boxes for special people {like our mailman, the shipment guy at work, our neighbors, and some friends} And, to impress you even more, please note that I got these boxes for .30 cents at the after Christmas sale. Score! & Happy Valentines Day!


mommara said...

You have the luckiest mailman, shipment guy, neighbors ect! We had so much fun today. Love you so much!

Ashlee Wetherington said...

aww, everything looks great! i love oreo truffles... and the packaging is adorable!!!

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