Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Year in Alpharetta

Feb 2009 I took a promotion to a store in Alpharetta. 62 miles from my home.
I told you about it here… then it was 6 weeks before I blogged again.
I was overwhelmed to put it lightly.

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of that transition
and I have some news to share…
{at the end}

So much has happened in my year on 400… just to share a few… in no order.

I learned to be open… and I tried to be generous. Bestie had a baby in March, My Godson turned ONE, I married the love of my life, I learned to gossip less and love more. My man Joaquin Phoenix acted like a fool on David Letterman, we survived the N1N1 flu, there were aprox. 3,125 hours of news coverage devoted to the First family picking out a dog, my mom joined facebook, I baked 43 dozen cupcakes, and read only 9 books. I learned to have more patience while training, I learned what it feels like to genuinely be valued by your employers, bestie and I completed our first ½ marathon. We Celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, we hosted 2 wedding showers, and two more of our friends got engaged. I realized that a positive attitude can change not so positive circumstances, I got my oil changed 12 times, DVRd about a million hours of TV, took 2,500 pictures. We took ONE vacation. I missed my husband.

If you are thinking "where is she going with this?" I'll get right to it...
 I’m transferring!! A=Where I was driving B=Our love nest C=My new store!

Thank you Alpharetta, you have taught me many valuable things, I’ve made many new friendships and had many experiences I will never forget.
I'm ready. Lets do it!


Ashlee Wetherington said...

wow, it's been quite a year for you... and that's so great about the transfer! i have a 40 minute commute now and i hate it! i miss my 5 minute one in Indiana. so of the 43 dozen cupcakes, what's your favorite??

Shanna said...

Yay, you get your life back! We better see you a lot more now that you don't have to waste all that time driving! Love you

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