Monday, January 18, 2010

4 Months...

We've been married 4 months tomorrow.

Just sharing 4 things that we've learned about marriage in the past 4 months. :)

1. Strict remote control rules must be followed. Rules are as follows:
-whom ever has been home basking in tv glow all day for fits all tv decisions that night.
-new episodes of shows we both like trump all shows
-you pick one, I'll pick the next only works on 1/2 hour shows. You CAN NOT pick the 3 hour documentary on Gangs in Prison and then let me watch 30 mins of e-news!!

2. Date nights are essential. Going out of the house with real clothes (not yoga pants) and sitting down to eat (not the zaxbys drive thru). Also, when preparing for date night...
The phrase, “No rush, I’m ready when you are” actually means, “Hurry-the-Hell-up-my-blood-sugar-is-dropping-and-I’m-about-to-pass-out-can-we-please-go-to-dinner-and-do-you-really-need-anymore-hairspray??”

3. We wash our clothes separate. My hamper gets full, I wash. His gets full, he washes. I don't have to worry about buying him 15 new polo shirts because I left an ink pen in my pocket (or lip gloss, or 10 receipts that jumbled into tiny little devils all over his clothes!!)

4. It really is the little things that we love the most. Blockbuster movie night, love notes in my lunch, fussing over who needs to take Cole out (I always win), the smell of OUR house, jamming out to music channel 930 after a long day (and a long commute), being married to your soul mate. It's pretty awesome.
Wouldn't be complete without pictures... ahhh.


ashley said...

grrrr my hubby is the one who leaves things in his pockets (INK PENS) and nope, we sure don't wash separately :S

mommara said...

Yayy for 4 months! Love you guys!

Ashlee Wetherington said...

i completely agree with #'s 1 and 2 :) congrats on the 4 months, it sure is great being married to your best friend!

Angela said...

so, because i am a HUGE blog-reading-slacker lately i am just getting to see these pictures and they are AMAZING! you look stunning, and your pics look so classic and timeless. congratulations!!! :)

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