Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cupcake Tasting Details Two

1. Our wedding cupcake tower (DIY from dear ol' dad) will look similar to the one we used at the party (a Christmas poinsettia holder of my moms) but more wedding-y like this...(without that silly bride and groom!!) hehe

2. Yummy cupcake flavors.

3. Fixing our plates

4. My plate looked like this... a diet conscious Bride can NOT eat 7 cupcakes! Somehow 3 1/2 sounded OK!

5. We used these little cards to vote for our top 3 favorites...

More details and the voting results tomorrow. Enjoy!!


LauraAnn said...

Haha! The cards you used to vote are too cute!!! I love it!

Rachel H. said...

That is too what were the results?!

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