Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm so THANKFUL...

I have a thankful heart all year... but, in November I get extra thankful. Recently several people in my inner circle have been having a difficult time... loss of jobs, loss of family members, difficulties raising babies, and rough relationships. The hubs and I feel so blessed... more blessed than we deserve to be. God is so good.

Three years ago we started something that I had no idea would turn into one of my most prized traditions...We like to snuggle in bed on Thanksgiving morning and share our appreciation and our thankfulness for the biggest and the littlest things in life... I wanted to share a few of mine with you.

{My Godly and loving relationship with my soul mate}
{our annoying puppy... who I love more than you can imagine}
{nicknames-terms of endearment that mean so much to me. prea.}
{our beautiful house, that although I am always trying to redecorate, we are blessed to have a place to raise our family}
{our jobs - exnay the commute}
{our family... healthy, happy, and each living very special and fulfilled lives}
{time... although it will never be enough, we make a special effort to spend QUALITY time together, and I cherish every minute}
{best friends, the ones you know will always be in your life}
{my monogram address stamp... vein, I know}
{our budget. DO NOT tell the hubs I said this. But, I am thankful that someone is looking out for our future. That someone is not me. Oh look, a sale!}

Have an amazing Thanksgiving.


mommara said...

We are thankful for you guys.

Rachel H. said...

So much to be thankful's amazing how much we have, and we don't always even show our thanks or consider how much we have to be grateful for!

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