Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Honeymoon: 3

{Beautiful Half Moon Cay}

{Chris couldn't wait to get his toes in that silky sand}

{There was a really big group of ladies doing water aerobics. It was so funny}

{Just basking in our honeymoon glow}

{This is what happens when you put sunscreen stick on your honeymoon beard}

{Damn right}

{Chris playing a little slots... honoring his granny}

{This night, our dinner partners didn't show... so we had the table to ourselves. Romantic!}

{and our towel animal that night}

*Tomorrows post: Nassau


Rachel H. said...

It's just beautiful! Are you ready to go back yet?

A.Leo said...

These pictures are making me so jealous! Everything looks gorgeous!

The Mrs. said...

@ Rachel: We can't wait for another trip! It was so relaxing not to have to plan anything or drive anywhere. aaahhhh.

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