Monday, November 2, 2009

Honeymoon: 1

{At the airport in Savannah, I'm wearing my "just married" tank!}

{We had just gotten on the cruise ship here, and ordered 2 "drinks of the day". I was all about the souvenir glasses at this point, but, I was over it in about 2 days. LOL}

{The view as we were leaving MIAMI}

{Partying on the deck the first day...}

{There was no need to attend the safety briefing... we had it covered}

{One of my favorite things about the cruise were the towel animals waiting for us every night after dinner... this was the first night}

{On the 2nd day, we were "at sea". It was fun to lay out on the deck, but by that night it felt like there were 5 million people on the boat. We were ready to get off!}

Tomorrow: first port!


Rachel H. said...

I love the recap photos of your honeymoon. The only thing that I wish was that we had taken more photos during our trip! It's the only regret that I have! :(

mommara said...

Yayy for updates. Hope you are feeling better, Lovies.

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