Monday, July 20, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

MOH strikes again! She found an awesome dress for me to wear to our rehearsal dinner! The cool stuff: 1. Pockets 2. Breezy {{because we are on the beach}} 3. White 4. More on the casual side {{I need to match my man, and I'm sure he will be wearing shorts!}} 5. I have 60 days to return it if we find something we like better. Save your receipts ladies!

Dress Barn {{yes... really}}


A.Leo said...

I'm going to be completely honest...a dress with pockets basically sells itself to me! I love them! Very cute dress!

Rachel H. said...

Very cute! I too love dresses with pockets!!

Angela said...

love it!!

mommara said...

Whoot Whoot. Thats my victory dance. :)

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