Wednesday, July 22, 2009

60 Days & the hunt for Bride Tanks

You guessed it... 60 days from today I will officially be
"Mrs. Reagan!" Whoot! Whoot!!

The rip a day off calendar says "Look for something fun to wear while getting pampered before your wedding. Why not get "bride" and "bridesmaid" tanks for you and your bridal party!?"

I have not decided if I want to dictate what my bridal party wears while they are getting ready or not {{thinking not... I already asked them to take vacation, come to the beach, and help me get married!! Not to mention the 6 months before the wedding that they are totally being my sidecar bitches!}} But... if I put them in their out of town bags... it would be a cute gift...maybe.

Here are some super cute ideas I found online at these sites:
{in no order}
Custom Glam Girl
Just Jen
Exclusivly Weddings
Cafe Press
Wedding Stand

Side note to the already married crew:
I will never wear this again... I know it. Is is worth it to be wearing something super cute in the "getting ready" pics?


Teresa said...

I had a Mrs. XXX Est Nov. 26, 2005 sweatshirt made. I wore it that day, on the honeymoon, and still wear it because it is in good shape.

For me, I wore it more than one day so it was totally worth it.

KLS said...

I got my girls hoodie sweatshirts (it was winter) that had their monograms on them. They all wore them the day of my wedding to get ready in and most of them wear their shirt quite often. Go for something more personalized that they can wear all the time.

mommara said...

Super cute. I like the Mrs R est. 2009 idea.

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