Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 9 of 20/20 Challenge

WOW! 9 weeks already. Time flies. I have not been posting my calories for the past several weeks... I didn't think people were really interested in what I was eating. I was still logging it all down though. Then, this past Monday on a random conversation with one of my buddies from work, I hear this...

"I stumbled on your blog from a link on your facebook page. Your posts about your calorie intake have inspired me to start logging mine too!"

WHAT! I actually inspired someone! Holy Crap! That totally motivated me to stick with it! Our goal was to loose 20 LBs in 20 weeks. That should be rather easy... 1 LB a week. So at the end of this week (friday is weigh day... I should be at -9 lbs.

Meh! We'll see... I worked out this am so I am on the right track! :)




mommara said...

Love the new look! Love the motivation. I hope both our hinney's look like that at the wedding :) Don't want a dimpley MOH. hehehe. Can't wait to hear how you do on friday.

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