Monday, May 18, 2009

Exactly 4 Months!!

Until we get married!! Whoot!! Whoot!!


Back in January I posted a list of things we needed to get done for the wedding... at the end, I said “Don’t worry, I have 8 months!"

We'll now we have exactly 4 months! AAACCCKKK!

Bolded items below have been taken care of... still lots to do. Any volunteers?

Choose Date
Choose colors/theme
Book reception site
Engagement Photos booked
His passport (planned for Monday, June 1)
Guest list
Book officiant
Ask wedding party to share in our special day
Bridesmaid dresses (each is finding her own)
Groomsmen attire
Decide on cupcakes for reception (cupcake tasting announcement soon)
Build Cupcake tower (dad)
My dress
Book beach house
Order Invitations (working on the wording)
Mail Invitations
Reception menu (taking a poll)
Rehersal Dinner
Book Honeymoon
My wedding band
His wedding band
Marriage License (planned for Monday, July 13)
Out of town bags (drama)
Fan programs
Wedding registry (planned for Monday, June 8)


mommara said...

You are doing awesome. This list will dwindle faster than you think. Don't forget to make your Bridesmaids do some leg work too! We are hear to help. Lovies.

4 months Whoot Whoo!

Always Organizing said...

Yay!!! We are right around the 4 month mark too! Good times :)

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