Sunday, April 14, 2013

favorite things...

morning time snuggles with mommy and his blue turtle cup of milk.
balls and toy cars with wheels. push toy lawn mower. and small wooden cars he hides in his blanket.
music with a beat. head bobs in his car seat and dances to pandora at home.
 blue blanket is his constant companion.
chicken, blueberries, peas and mango. yogurt covered raisins are baby crack.
playing outside. running. pushing dump trucks. throwing balls. and water table fun.
reading books. b is for bear. first 100 farm words. where is baby's belly button?
playdates with jackson. doing whatever he does. head-hugs. and belly laughs.
night routine. bath. lotion. jams. brush teeth. knows it by heart.

everyday stuff. normal life.
his favorites quickly become my favorite things about him.


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