Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

today we are celebrating dads. my dad is an amazing man. loving. supportive. caring. trustworthy. a great example of a father and a husband. I am lucky to say my father-in-law is too. a strong man. father of three boys. Chris and I are blessed to have such Godly dads who love us and cherish our relationships. We celebrate our grandpa's and those who acted like grandpa's. we celebrate our brothers who are and who hope to soon be dads. we celebrate our friends who are dads- we will have welcomed 6 new babies to our crew by the end of this year. we celebrate these amazing men who love their kids. who make time for them. who prioritize their family above other things. who work hard and love harder.

I know it is so cliche' to say, but I honestly did not know I could love my husband any more than I did on the day we got married. I was blissfully in love. blinded by it. consumed by it. wreckless love. and then we had durham. and I realized that we had no idea what kind of love was waiting for us. The first time I saw my boys together my heart exploded. I am so in love with how he 'daddys' our son that I want to make ten thousand more babies with him. he is my rock. my parenting superhero. my best friend and the only person I want to do this with. this week we will celebrate with cookies for dinner, camo shorts, high fives, daddy wrestling matches and bedtime books.

I tell you... there is NOTHING sexier than a daddy loving his kid. nothing. 

Father's day has been an emotional day for me for the past several years. happy emotions and ones that are tough to feel.
I have always been a daddy's girl. my dad and I have a great relationship and a love between us that I am so thankful for. I appreciate him so much and I love celebrating him on father's day. I have also been blessed with two amazing grandpa's, one who is still here celebrating with us and one who is not. that part of father's day is hard for me because I know how much my mom misses her dad. My heart hurts for the people who are wanting to become parents but haven't been able to yet, for the kids who don't have loving and actively participating dads in their lives, and for those who's dads are celebrating father's day in heaven. lifting up friends and family everywhere today.


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