Saturday, May 25, 2013

when you are 31

tonight we played in the back yard after I got home from work. 
we ate homemade popsicles and splashed in the baby pool. 
we chased cole around the yard and rolled dump trucks down the ramp. 

for some reason my mind drifted to something your grandparents tell me often. 'you know how much you love d-bear? that is how much we love you. times a million because you are 31'. I imagined you being 31. with a wife and a baby. being every bit as wonderful a daddy to your little one as your dad is to you. 

I was laying on my belly in the grass taking pictures of you playing with cole. just day dreaming you'd do the same one day. then you came over to me and sat between my arms. you like to look at pictures of yourself. I let you press the buttons. then I turned the camera around on us and snapped a few pics. blurry and out of focus. my favorite photos of us. ever. and maybe one day, when you're 31 they will be your favorite photos of us too.

love, momma


kirkandmona said...

Times a million!!! And LOVE those pics of 'perfect love'.

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