Wednesday, May 8, 2013


durham is 17 months old now and today he had his first big boy bowl of cereal. complete with a spoon and almond milk. I can't believe some of the 'toddler' stuff he is starting to do. what and how he eats is really getting to me. 

he recently started not wanting me to hold him for his 'sippy cup' milk. he will start in my lap, but is quickly down and running around with his cup. when he finishes he'll bring it to me and say all-gone. sounds like 'gone gone'.

he also finally mastered the snack pack this week. figuring out how to get that snack out of the trap of death is a big darn deal. but also something that big boys do.

we have moved away from fixing him separate meals from what we are having (although this still does happen often because he eats/goes to bed so early. sometimes I don't have dinner ready when its time for him to eat.) he is trying new foods and loving them. much more adventures than mommy.

learning utensils. that is tricky. he still very much prefers to eat with his hands, but will use the fork if you 'load' it with food for him. he was a champ with his spoon this morning though. sometimes he surprises me.


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