Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Trip to the Mountains

For the past few years, we've gone up to the north Georgia mountains in the fall... 
to see the leaves change, to spend time together, to relax. 

this is where we stayed this year... CABIN. and we would recommend it to anyone with pets!

Last year was one of our favorite trips because it was our baby-moon. our last vacation 'just the two of us' before Durham came. I was almost 8 months pregnant. We had a blast. This year we got to bring Durham with us (and Cole came too) and it was so much fun! Honestly way more fun than the trip we took to the beach in June. Partly because fatty is older now and cruizing around and having fun playing, but partly because we didn't have to pack up and track all our crap down to the beach everyday. 

We headed out in the morning for the 2 hour drive up, we planned to leave right before nap time so d would sleep in the car, and that worked great. We shopped for groceries and cooked all our meals at the cabin. Yummies like eggs, sausage, bacon and biscuits every day for breakfast and hot dogs on the grill, alice springs chicken... I was in heaven because the hubs cooked every meal while we were there. Yes. I said every meal. I am so blessed.

The cabin was on a lake/pond and it had a creek that fed into it... this alone is endless entertainment for the hubs. There was a canoe that Chris went out fishing in everyday. I was afraid to do it by myself and we couldn't/wouldn't leave Durham sleeping in the cabin alone. Maybe next year we'll put a life vest on him and paddle him out with us. 

I was worried about not bringing the highchair, not sure how he would eat without it (or stay focused on eating) but we just cleaned the seat of a chair and put his food there. He stood unassisted and ate his bites. This weekend was when he started standing alone. a lot. all. the time.

We brought the pack-n-play and he napped and slept at night in there. It's not as comfey as his crib, so he did wake up once or twice in the night. I would just go in and snuggle him back to sleep. There was a full size bed in the room he was sleeping in, and there were many naps we took together snuggled in there. I loved having 5 days alone. Just me and my boys.


and a few instagram snaps too... just to prove I was there!! haha The hubs promises to get better with the camera so I'll have a few pics of me with baby d too!



donna said...

Beautiful pictures...I am so glad that you are diligent with using your DSLR...seems like with 2 lil munchkins I pretty much rely heavily on my iphone. LOL!

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