Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sand is Yucky

You might have noticed that all of the pictures from my previous beach post were from instagram. I mean, it is 2012 up in here, so you know we are using our cell phones most of the time. I did take my big camera to the beach though. I didn't get many pictures with it, but I got a few and I will cherish them forever.

We walked down to the beach for the sunset a couple times. This meant keeping D up past his bedtime, so we didn't do it every night. He was a trooper though, and loved the feel of sand between his toes and fingers. 

In his mouth... not so much.

My ONLY regret about our beach trip, is that I wanted more pictures of him on the beach. I had done tons of research (duh, pinterest) and brought lots of cute outfits, but we only got up early enough to do it once.  Next time I'll be more deliberate. But I am happy with the couple that I got. I 'm thinking of ordering a canvas of this first one. It is my favorite.

I know it probably goes without saying now, but our fatty-fatty is a sitter! He started sitting on his own just a day or two before the beach and now he is a rock-star sitter! He loves to sit and play, and look around. I'm sure the view is so much better than laying and looking at the ceiling.

I brought my tripod and remote, with high hopes of trecking it down to the beach for family beach photos. That never happened, but we snapped these behind the condo about 15 minutes before we headed home. I love that beautiful pink flower bush, and I love even more the way Durham is looking at me. Melts my heart.

The lesson in the story is...
bring your big camera and take more pictures
sand is yucky.


donna said...

Aww. what beautiful family! Love Durham's curls.

Missie said...

He is absolutely adorable. Love the beach pictures.

Nicole said...

I love all of these pictures!! He is so adorable!!

misss_e said...

I love all of these pics!

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