Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 months

The past five months have just blinked by...

I feel like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital with the cutest little itty-bitty and then I blinked and now I have a babbling, rolling, grabbing, bouncing baby. I love all of the new milestones he has reached this month, but I hate that it means he is growing up.

This is what FIVE MONTHS looks like:

^^omg, I am so dead.


Cisilia "cc" said...

Truly a beautiful baby. How can a boy look that precious in bubbles. I love the sitting up "big boy" with the button down shirt in his bumbo!!!!
Enjoy every minute soak it up it truly is the most amazing journey ever <3

kirkandmona said...

That contageous smile of his lights up the room! Enjoying every second with him as it is flying by way too fast!

Missie said...

He is just precious. I love seeing the pictures as he is growing. enjoy every minute it is truly an amaing time in your life and goes by way too fast.

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