Thursday, April 5, 2012

an all about Durham update...

I know that I am a little bias... but this kid is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Durham is doing GREAT. He just turned 4 months on Sunday! He is getting so big so fast! 

Part of me wants to squish him back down into newborn and put him in my pocket, and the other part knows that watching him grow up is so fun!! He is so alert and interactive now. He can grab at toys with his hands, and pull things up to his mouth. He is happy happy happy all the time.... and he's got himself on a really good schedule. Eat's between 6-7oz every 3 hours and sleeps 12 hours at night, usually only waking once, and sometimes not at all. 

My very favorite thing he does right now is "laugh"... but not a laugh like you would imagine, like hahahaha, it's like uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh! He sucks air in a sqweeeee's so loud, it is hysterical! I'll have to get it on video for you. 

He does really good at meme & grandma's houses, and loves to ride in the car and go running errands with mommy. The other day we were play-dating at aunt ra's house... he was playing on his playmat on the floor while Jackson was sitting doing a breathing treatment, and he had his neck completely craned around trying to watch TV, yeah, he's like mommy already. haha 

We just love this baby so much and are so lucky to have him.


I don't know about you guys, but to me... handmade gifts are the best. My grandma (my dad's momma) makes Durham stuff all the time and I just love it. Everytime I look at something it makes me think of her and how much time and energy she spends thinking about her only great-grandbaby over her sewing machine. We got this in the mail from her the other day, she called it a see and say blanket. Right now I'm using as a sunshine cover up for the carseat. :)

Durham Loves Sophie. 
If you don't have babies right now, you might not know that Sophie is a natural teether. Aunt ra gave Durham another sophie in his easter basket too... one with little handles so it's easier for him to hold right now. :) You can see all kinds of sophie stuff on Amazon here.

not sure why I have so many photos of D eating on my phone (or why I'm wearing my favorite polkadot pj's in 2 of them) but we do do this 5 times a day... so maybe that's why. I've slowly stopped breastfeeding since I went back to work... not that I wanted to, but my supply was taking a big hit and it was hard to keep up. Thankfully the transition was not hard on him at all. He takes a bottle like a champ!

I love how interactive 4 months has become. Last month we realized that he was purposefully moving his hands... looking at something, looking at his hands, looking at it again, looking at his hands... and finally making them move and do what he wanted. Now he is all over the place... he rolls sometimes, but only tummy to back, but can scoot with the best. He spins in a circle on his playmat, and can use his legs to scoot right across the floor. He's got a little circuit in the living room, bumbo, jumperoo, and playmat. The playmat is my favorite because it's easy to transport, I take it to ra's all the time. this is the one we have here
(excuse me, looks like it's an 'activity gym' what do I know... haha)

so lucky that we were blessed with a good-sleeping baby. Durham goes to bed around 7pm at night, and sleeps until 7am the next morning. He always busts out of his night time swaddle, but when we try to not-swaddle for night time he hates it. I guess I'll be swaddling till he's 10 years old. For nap times, he takes 3 (sometimes 4) hour long naps a day... on his tummy. I love to see his little but up in the air... eeeepppp. just incase you are wondering... this is the sound machine we have, (we actually have 3, one for our house and one at each gramma's house) and it ROCKS. Yesterday we were at ra's and she was having a BIG playdate with 7 kids, and D slept through all the excitement in her bed because I brought his sound machine.


that is all I have time for right now...  I'm gonna try to do better at posting, this blog will be such a joy to have when he is older and I am missing this sweet baby age.

{{this is the face that goes with the uuuuuuhhhhhh laugh... I die!!}}


Mommara said...

uuuuuuuhhhhhhh! I love this baby. So much it hurts. It's even more fun than I could have ever imagined. He makes my heart so full. <3

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