Wednesday, February 15, 2012

crescent roll palooza!

I'm not sure what possessed me to make nothing but crescent rolls for my husband for dinner, but I did, and he loved it! I found all of these ideas on pinterest. I could lie and say that we had a side of salad or some kind of vegetable... but, nope. we had carb overload.

pizza crescents: 4 slices of peperoni, half a string cheese, rolled up in half of a crescent.
meatball slider crescents: thawed frozen meatball, spoon of spaghetti sauce, and 1/4 piece of cheese, rolled up in half a crescent.
desert crescents: spoon of nutella, a few chocolate chips, and a few marshmallows, rolled up in a crescent.

it is extra sweet if you have a cute little helper.

before they are cooked...  pre-roll and post roll.
and the finished plate of delightfulness... yummy in my tummy.


Holly said...

This is my kind of dinner! Haha We love crescent rolls, too. These look yummy!!

Joie said...

I showed this post to my husband, and he asked when we could have something similar... Except he'd like some veggies, please. Loser. I love the idea of the pizza crescents!

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