Thursday, June 23, 2011

cupcake Push-ups!

I'm totally on a peach binge right now. I want peach ice cream, peach muffins, and just plain 'ol peaches. So I thought I would add a few to some graduation cupcake push-ups I was making for a friend who is graduating with her masters this weekend!

We are so proud of you Christine!!

I took a few extra pictures, because I don't know that I've posted any push-ups here before. 
I think you'll get the idea. The inspiration for the graduation caps came from Celebrations at home 
(I found them on pinterest.)


Julie @ My Life...Inspired said...

Those look amazing!! And a totally adorable idea :)

mommara said...

Two cupcakes per push up... yummmm

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

They look awesome!!

The Hill House said...

Now that's different! And so cute!

Morgan said...

That is so cute! And I think it's funny you've been having peach cravings since you live in Georgia. =)

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