Sunday, July 3, 2011

A chair for everyone...

I wanted to share a quick picture from this afternoon...
the hubs and I have been busy in the office today.
trimming, organizing, and finishing things up.
Putting together a new office chair for him
(leaving this old one for Cole to sit in) 

Now, I am sitting here glued to my computer...
watching video from the Casey Anthony trial.
(I am obsessed with it)
If you are not caught up, today was the closing arguments.
You can view videos HERE
video 1 is mostly instructions for the jury, then the state starts on video 2.


Hope you all have an amazing July 4th.
We are planning a low key day at the house...
cooking out, a little organizing, and movies on the sofa.
sounds amazing.


The Hill House said...

Enjoy your day!!!

Morgan said...

I haven't seen the trial, but it has been going on for a while hasn't it?

Love that picture of Cole in the chair! haha!

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