Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a little bit of this...

valentine's day is over...

we celebrated on Sunday night.
the hubs cooked dinner: Chicken Marsala
Then on the ACTUAL valentine's day we exchanged hugs and kisses 
and ate zaxby's on TV trays in the living room. classy. i love it.


I've been given a few bloging awards over the past few weeks
(what are yall thinking?)

Seriously ladies... yall are too kind. I really enjoy reading your blogs and I am feeling all kinds of honored. I think I'm supposed to tell you 10 random facts about myself... and then pass this along to like 30 more people... but I'm defiant! haha! I make my own rules around here!

1. I LOVE diet coke. regular coke discusts me.
2. moonlight path smells like moth balls, but sometimes I tell customers I like it just to make the sale.
3. I am turning 29 in a month and it is by far the scariest bithday yet.
4. I am intensely competitive, and as a result I generally choose not to compete against friends so as not to be The Asshole Friend. 
5. My mind works best when I multitask. I am a habitual planner. 
6. I mom-arm my pocketbook in the car when I'm driving recklessly.
7. yes. I call my purse a pocketbook, and a cart a buggy... and lots of other southern stuff like yall, possum, and caramel (pronounced car-ml). And God help the lady at starbucks if she corrects me.
8. I'm a font whore.
9. I'm constantly riddled with guilt. over everything. ie: I forgot to get papertowls at Publix and now were out... I'm the worst wife ever. ugh.
10. I consider future baby names while picking out nail polish colors. Some recent finds: Alpine, Delhi, Volt, and Eiffel. I'm serious.

I seriously can't select such a small number of awesome blogs (hello, from the 300 in my reader). You are all amazing. I am constantly inspired and super-charged by the things you do. Some from the crafts and the baking, some from the photography, some from the beautiful simplicity of everyday life, some from the spiritual things you so bravely share. I am a BIG fan of YOU. So take these awards and post some fun facts about yourself. I want to know all that weird stuff! haha


I am going to be growing my own wheatgrass this year...
not for healthy purposes but for decorating. duh.

I found this article here that was super helpful. I'll keep you posted.


 and lastly, we are going to the Circus tomorrow night with our neice and nefew...
SO EXCITED! However, would it be wrong to wear an animal print cardigan to the circus?


The Hill House said...

1) I'm not sure if we can be friends anymore; regular coke rocks my world.
6) Me TOO!
9) Oh Honey, soon enough you'll get over that little stuff. :)

Lori said...

1) I thought Diet Coke was heaven in a cup until I discovered iced lattes and found there is more than one heaven.
3) I turned 30 in August and believe me, 29 is nothing compared to that terror!
10) I like all those names. My grandmother and my husband's grandfather shared the middle name "Oates" - what are the odds, right? I fought and fought but my husband was an adamant NO on naming our son, Oates. It is amazing when you take into consideration my STRONG personailty v. his very easy-going personality that we don't have a son named Oates today. Alas, I have a Jack, but I've learned to live with it:)

kristy.lynn @ kristy.makes said...

i KNEW i liked you. lol.. from the blunt honesty i can tell we would be fast friends. funny & sarcastic.. love it :)

the hubs is from ga, so we always have debates on pronouncing things. (i'm from florida) he says pu-cahn. i say PEE-CAN. i ask him how some one from ga can misspronounce that. he tells me i'm from the city (which i'm NOT) & that i don't know any better. always fun :)

the accent & drawl are there.. but some how he got that vital southern word wrong.. lol.

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

*9) Wait until you have kiddos, I like to call it momnesia...if I don't write it down there is NO chance of me remebering.

I have the same feelings toward my Dt. DP!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I'll drink Diet Coke but I'm a bigger fan of Diet Dr. Pepper! I love that stuff. I hate Moonlight Path as well. I used to work at BBW and could not stand to smell that stuff...I literally had to through up every time. I know how you feel about the competitiveness. None of my friends ever want to compete with me because they now how serious I get :p That goes for casinos too. Hubby took me to Las Vegas once and I was so dissapointed I lost $20. I was in a bad mood after. Never again will I gamble!

misss_e said...

Hmm the growing of wheat grass seems to be a great idea. I chuckled when you asked about wearing animal print. Im thinking the animals will be very offended. LOL

Isabella's Mommy.... said...

I can totally relate to the 'riddled with guilt' & I am always worried we'll run out of something!

suitecheeks said...

I used to work at bbw and i didnt like moonlight path either. i honestly dont even like lotion that much.

Michele said...

I don't know which fact about yourself had me laughing harder. I love your brutal honesty, you're awesome! Your comment about forgetting paper towels was funny. Once I was at a party at someone's house and they ran out of toliet paper. Who cares about paper towels when there's no toliet paper. Gross!

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