Thursday, December 16, 2010

Q: & A: (actually, just A)

I've had a quite a few questions on similar topics so I thought I would just address everything I can in this post... if there is anything else you've been itching to ask... please do.  
but, keep it family friendly!


Q: Who designed our Christmas Cards?
A: my BFF extraordinaire snapped our picture and I made 2 different cards. Number one is the design I picked from the "Bloggers get 50 free Cards from Shutterfly" thing that everybody and their momma was doing. and Number two is from TinyPrints.

Q: Where did you get the pecan cake mix? (from this post)
A: Kroger. bleh. I dis-like the Kroger where we live, but it is where I got the cake mix. ::sigh::

Q: What frosting tip do you use for your cupcakes?
A: The Wilton 1A. I got mine at Cake Art in Atlanta, but you can get them at most specialty cake stores and of course on line.

{yikes, smudgy anyone?}

Q: Where do you get all your cute containers?
A: ANYWHERE I can find them on sale! Usually Michaels or Hobby Lobby with coupons, and even the grocery store has cellophane and ribbon. One of my associates found a huge box of the clear cupcake carriers I've been using recently at a discount grocery store. Lucky me.

Have a Fantastic Thursday!
Only 9 more sleeps till Christmas!


theultimate said...

I'm dying to get that cupcake frosting tip!

Anonymous said...

I love the 1A tip!

The Hill House said...

Ha! We count by sleeps at our house too! I guess 'days' are just too long for little minds to completely understand, but they get the sleeps. But please don't tell them how many more sleeps it is...Otherwise they'll be trying to count nap time as a sleep! :)
Merry Christmas!!

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