Friday, November 13, 2009

Well... it's Friday!

And I have managed to get off track again! :) hehe I am really determined to start the wedding recaps next week, so until then... enjoy our Christmas decorations I put up on Tuesday. (I know, I know, respect the Turkey) But, I work in retail, and I just can't help myself! :)

I even put lights on the little tree in our bedroom... hehe


LauraAnn said...

I love the Christmas tree! I am the same way....I could wait! I have 1 of our 4 trees up and am hoping to put a HUGE dent in decorating over the weekend. I never felt like I had enough of the Christmas build up by waiting until after Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving is a week later this year!

Way to put your tree up early! Love it!

Rachel H. said...

It's beautiful!! I love it, and you have great decorations! :)

mommara said...

I love it. Although gosh your poor husband. Bwahaha. I love you.

Nani said...

Love weims!!! ... and your blog too :)

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