Friday, June 26, 2009

Week 14 of 20/20 Challenge

I think I messed up last Friday's weigh in post... Typed the wrong number/bad math. It was early. forgive me.... anyway. On to this week. I have never been more proud of myself! I was off for 6 days... we went to the beach... we ate out. I made good choices and the scale proves it. I didn't loose much but it could have been worse! :) Yea!!

Weigh in Friday AM: 154.2 lbs
LBs lost this week: -1.6 lbs
Total LBs lost: -18.8 lbs

I promise I am going to re-cap the beach soon! Since I was off for so many days I am working alot this week/weekend and we are getting ready for my Godsons 1st b-day Party on Sunday!!


Rachel H. said...

I think that's awesome weight lose for being at the beach! Way to go!!

Angela said...

Going on vacation and not GAINING weight is definitely an accomplishment!!!

mommara said...

Yayy! Thats awesome.

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