Monday, June 29, 2009

"Barbi Cups" yum.yum.

Is it just me... or do most people have a couple of things they are really good at making... so when you say to the host of a party... "What can I bring?" they know exactly what to ask you for. Usually I do cupcakes, or pigs in a blanket, or barbi cups.

I whipped up some of these for my Godsons 1st birthday party this weekend...

Here is what you'll need and I'll show some pics at the bottom

This is for about 50 barbi cups (since I only make it for party's... you could 1/2 it for smaller gatherings)
3 lbs of ground beef (or turkey if you are me)
2 bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce
50 raw refrigerated biscuits (the pop-a-can kind. Usually these come in 8 packs... but I found some 10 packs the other day)

1. Brown your meat


2. Press your uncooked biscuits into muffin pans (I've also done mini muffin pans with 1/2 a biscuit)


3. Add BBQ sauce


4. Scoop on top of biscuits


5. Cook biscuits and meat (follow the directions on the biscuit can) and when they are almost done... add cheese and let it melt. I like the pre sliced but you can use shredded too... just messier.


6. and enjoy!!



Rachel H. said...

Interesting...I can't decide if it's something that my pregnancy stomach will like right now or dislike! :/

LauraAnn said...

Those look yummy!

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