Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 1 of 20/20 Challenge

I want to look like this when I weigh in...


This concludes week 1 of our 20 week challenge. I feel like I did pretty good... I don't think the goal of loosing 1 lb a week is going to make me feel deprived or anything. Below is the ramblings of what I ate and how I worked out this week.

Bfast: Sausage & Cheese Biscuit & Carmel iced coffee- 665c (ouch...)
Lunch: Fiber One bar on the run--180c
Snack: None... too busy at work
Dinner: Veggie and Beef soup-- 200c & a granola bar and yogurt later--250c
Total c: 1295ish
Workout: Ugh. None. I suck.

Bfast: A granola bar on the way to meet ra for our weekly ass kickin' walk--120Lunch: 2 egg rolls--360c
Snack: 2 (okay 5) girlscout cookies--525c (don't judge me)
Dinner: Tuna Luau! Yummy!! --450c
Total c: 1458ish
Workout: 8 miles with the BFF.

Bfast: Shredded wheat and milk (yummy)--260c
Lunch: Tuna Sandwich--300c
Snack: none-I ate the tuna kinda late.
Dinner: Turkey Burgers and grilled veggies! Yummo!--400
Desert: Girlscout cookies--240c
Total C: 1200ish
Workout: 55 Minutes of step with the meanest HBIC on charter.

Bfast: McDonalds Sausage biscuit on the way to Alpharetta--370c
Lunch: Subway (no chips or soada!)--410c
Snack: Granola Bar--90c
Dinner: ugh. Zaxbys. sorry buddies.--778c
Total C: 1648ish
Workout: none. boo. I suck, again!
Wied how I ate the worst on the day before I had to weigh in... back to better eating now...

Weigh in Friday AM: 167 lbs
LBs lost this week: 5 lbs
Total LBs lost: 5 lbs

Looking forward to seeing everyone elses results! Good Luck This Week!!!!


Anonymous said...

what a great week!

You know, we all need a night out sometimes, and it's OK to splurge ... just so long as you jump right back in as soon as possible!

I'm proud of you!

mommara said...

5 Pounds! That is awesome Nanny!!! What a great bff to walk with you.

TSNAC said...

5 lbs! Awesome job! And Congrats on the half ING!

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