Monday, March 16, 2009

I am actually still alive!!

I know you are probably surprised. I have not posted in about 45 days… that is how long my new job has been wrecking havoc on my life.

I finally feel like I can breathe a little and start getting my “hobbies” back on track. Not too much has been happening here (besides work).


Tomorrow is my birthday…a little closer to 30 and a little farther away from 20. {{sigh}} I am having breakfast with my BFF & babby-bubbie, shopping, and having dinner with my family. I am blessed.


mommara said...

yayy for posting! FINALLY. Lovies and Happy Birthday Old lady ;)

Crissy said...

Happy Birthday (yesterday)! I am glad I can bring a chuckle to others during my time of freaking out.. I am sure in the end I am going to laugh at all this crap too. Good Luck with the 20 in 20!

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