Friday, January 16, 2009

Help with my OOT Bags!!!

I have been working hard on our invitations for the past 2 days. (and by working hard, I mean scouring the internet for the perfect set or inspiration... not physically crafting the invitations at this point. shesh.) But, more on that later.

I need to make a decision on these OOT bags... and I need your help.


$.99. Most of the blogs I’ve read that are doing a similar OOT bag are getting theirs from cheaptotes. The 99 cent deal is only valid for the natural color. All other colors are $1.49.


Jiffyshirts option 1

$2.83 and comes in lots of colors!! Guests could use these to take drinks to the beach or to take their lunch to work when they get home!


JiffyShirts option 2

$1.17 and comes in lots of colors. Bigger bag than the cooler ones above. (also means I’ll need more snacks to fill them).



$3.48. I love the orange contrast of the handles. Same size as the one above.



$6.03. These are probably my favorite. However, they are the most expensive, and the minimum order is 50! We only need about 35. hummm….


What would you do??


mommara said...

hmmm. The bottom ones are the cutest. Are you still thinking you will stamp them? Was that with the first bags? The second bag is also cute because it is thermal (or at least looks like it in the picture). BUt, the first bag is such a steal.

Anyone not invited to the wedding you could use the other bags for as a gift? 15... I wonder if you could sell the others on a website like CL or the wedding one...

Wow, I'm not much help at all

holly p said...

I like the one with the orange handles. Maybe you could buy the ones from cheaptotes and replace the handle with a colored one?

Adrienne said...

These are some great options! If you do order the natural color ones you can always add to them to fit your taste.

Rachel H. said...

Those are some great options. I'm just doing the boxes from Nashville wraps, because they are just so much cheaper, and we'll have quite a few OOT Guests. What are you planning on including in yours?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure whichever you got with will be fab - but in the long run, I'd stick to one of the cheaper ones (the plain beige or the red one shown).

Also, have you checked out Paper Mart? I know they carry them, but the minimum is probably more than 20.

Good luck!

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