Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years (better late than never)

We went to Helen, GA for New Years with some friends... (That is another post). But, now that we are home, it really feels like 2009 has begun! :) I decided that I would not do the traditional New Years resolutions like I usually do. (Because I usually don't follow through with them past February). This year I am going to list what I am NOT going to do.

In 2009 I will NOT

1. Let more than a week go by without seeing my Godson.
2. Beat myself up for not working out as much as I need to.
3. Bring work home from the office more than 1 night a week.
4. Make myself say "Yes" to something I really do not want to do.
5. Stress about what other people think of our wedding.
6. Hold grudges for anything that happened last year. (Ok, I'll try not to)
7. Immediately change into "lounge" clothes when I get home from work.
8. Spend more time watching TV than reading.
9. Be a better housewife. What I am now is good enough.
10.Forget to be Thankful everyday. We are very blessed.

Did you make any "non-resolutions" this year?


Rachel H. said...

I have a terrible habit of changing into lounge clothes after work too! It's terrible! And Grant always picks on me about it! So sad!!

mommara said...

love it, mine are blogged about now... lovies can't wait till thurs!!!

Nicole said...

This is a great Will Not list.

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