Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cookie Party!

I had a cookie party last year. It rocked. So I am doing it again. It is tonight! :)
I have seen many different ways to host a cookie party but for us this is....

How it works:

1. Send out cute invitations like these...

2. Each guest brings 6 packs of cookies (6 cookies in each pack) and 12 cookies to share the night of the party. (I'll do the math for you. Make 4 dozen cookies)

3. Each guest also prints their recipe on a 1/2 sheet of paper. (8 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches). and prints one for each guest at the party ( I said bring 20).

4. The host has cookie plates ready to receive the sampling cookies (cut into pieces, eating that many cookies might make you sick) and as the host I also prepared binding covers to create their take home cookbooks.

5. At the end of the night, each guest will have aprox 20 recipes in their cookbook and 6 different packs of cookies to take home! :) Fun!

I'll post pics of how much fun we had later. I've been a lazy poster lately. Busy with Christmas goodness!


Always Organizing said...

Sounds like so much fun!!!

An Atlanta Bride said...

I love the idea of a cookie party! I've never been to one but it sounds like so much fun :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVe cookie parties!

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