Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not a beach theme...

So let's pretend that someone questioned my reasoning to have a cupcake wedding cake. (Gasp! I know, who would do such a thing!) But, it happened. So here are a few reasons that we are going to ignore their advice and do it anyway! :)

1. It's our wedding!

2. I like the idea of having 2 or 3 flavors for guests to choose from. I know that you can do this with layers of cake as well. But, it's much messier.

3. We don't want someone to spend their time at the reception standing by the cake and serving people. Especially for us, with a low budget and 100% OOT guests, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the entire reception.

4. It is much more DIY friendly.

I found a few more inspiration pictures...
For those that may not know, we are planning a beach wedding (without a beach theme) however, I thought these "beach cupcakes" were worth... well, just look at them.


We start of classy with white chocolate sea shells...


This is cute... dun-uh-dun-uh... dun-uh-dun-uh-dun-uh-dun-uh!


then we get a little crazy with sweetish fish...


and sand covered cupcakes (at the bottom)...

Did I mention, we don't have a "beach theme"! :)


mommara said...

Seriously. I might have just ad the "O" over the shark fin ones. lol...

1. who cares if it's not a beach theme.
2. anyone who can't get "into" a cupcake tower. Is not a real friend anyway.
3.HELLO it's so Pam and FH...hehe I love FH by the way,(you have been stalking my nest board...no?)
4. It will be way easier for jackson to eat. duh.

what are people thinking not getting into the whole cupcake thing...

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