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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lent and catching up

So, it's been a while.

I'll just get this part out of the way... because I know you just want pictures. :)

yes. I did go off social media for lent. yes. I do realize that is no huge sacrifice. yes. I saw this before Lent started and I texted it to BFF and said "still doing it but errrmygahhh so funny!" and yes, I'm glad I did it.

Social media was like woah there for a while. I'd even say I was adicted to it. Not to the content, but to the ritual of checking the apps. seeing that red notification number hovering and having to go look so it would be gone. the ritual of checking everything in the morning before my feet even hit the floor, and every night Chris and I both in bed watching TV playing on our phones.

My original thought was that if I didn't have facebook, instagram, pinterest, timehop, voxer and the mommy board on my phone that I just would have SO MUCH MORE TIME to do my devotional in the morning before work. something that I really wanted to make top priority. and I did. I wasn't perfect and some mornings I did two devotions because I hit snooze too many times the morning before... but I have loved this change.

I guess in my mind, it looked like I would be swimming in time! time time everywhere just waiting for me to look up from my phone and grab it. yeah. that didn't happen. mostly I was playing on my phone while I watched TV, not like while I was washing dishes or cooking dinner or whatever. but the mornings and at night when I probably spent a good bulk of my time wasting was swapped with consistent quiet time, conversations, being present. it just felt better. like what I should be spending my time doing.

don't get me wrong. I missed it. ohhhhhhh I missed it. timehop the most, then voxer, then instagram, COT, and facebook. I actually did still get on pinterest occasionally on my computer but I don't have the app on my phone anymore. my plan is to get back on everything, but control the time I'm on it so I can continue how things are right now. One of my friends for lent did a no phone time unless I'm alone activity and I love that idea. so like if her and her husband are together watching tv she wont be on her phone but if shes alone on the toilet she will. haha.

so that is that. I have genuinely missed people that I only connect with on social sites. but this was something that I really needed. I really hope I stay committed and don't fall back to my old behaviors. I don't want to have to do this again next year. haha.


bestie asked if I was just gonna bomb ig with a #sorrynotsorry and post all my pics from the past 6 weeks. nahhhhh but I will post some of my favorites here.

mommy turned 32. my brother and his wife had a sweet baby girl. durham is smitten and wants to 'hold her hand' all the time. my parents are thrilled to have more grandkids to hoard. we took the side off d's crib almost 2 months ago and have loved it. he usually stays in there (naps are different but not harder) he loves his 'circle sheets' and big boy bed. our first (of many I'm sure) family camping trips under our belt. and we dyed our easter eggs with koolaid. awesome.

feeling so blessed to look over these pictures.
I swear almost 2.5 is the BEST age.



donna said...

Hooray for update! Miss y'alls faces :)

Sharill Rivera said...

I really missed you guys! I looooove the photos and D's haircut!!!! And congrats to you brother :)

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