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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Durham turns two

I have been neglecting this place. Life is busy and I just haven't been making it a priority. it bums me out when I realized that it has been months since I've put down memories...

Durham turns two today. two. two. I need to keep saying it to make it real because it just does not seem possible that two years has gone by. we were forever changed when our little bundle came into the world and we can hardly remember life before him. I feel so incredibly blessed to be his momma and humbled that God chose this amazing kid for us to raise. he is such a joy!

Dear Durham,

Happy Birthday sweet boy. We love you so much and we can not wait to celebrate your special day at the aquarium today. I know you are going to squeeee over the 'popins' (penguins) and the 'sharhhh' (sharks) the most. This has been such an amazing year with you and we really really enjoyed you being 'one'... I know that TWO will be even better. kinda. haha.

We have lots of favorite memories with you this year... some of the big ones are swim lessons, when we went to visit grampy on the Appalachian trail, going to play on the school buses, our week at the beach, watching cole become one of your best buddies, halloween, and our trip to the mountains where you and dada played in the creek all weekend. You are SO FUN and we love doing things with you.

Some of our favorite things you do: hands down mommas favorite is when you ask for 'a song' at night. I know you are just stalling bedtime but I melt into a puddle. I usually sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow because that is what my momma sang to me, but sometimes church hymns and recently we are into Christmas songs. We love the way you talk. no really, you have the cutest accent, cutest phrases, cutest mannerisms, and a way of repeating your self that almost never gets annoying. My favorite things you say are 'yeah mam', 'a kisshh', 'i love you tooo'. We love how you love our people. your grandparents (meme, pawpaw & grangran, peepee), your babies (lena and baby eveee), your best buddy Jackson. You ask about them all the time and get SO EXCITED when you see them. It really warms my heart to watch you love so big. We love the way you pray. ok, not really pray, but when we pray you fold your hands and at the end you say AMEN like you totally got what we were saying the whole time. We love how innocent you are... you do naughty things sometimes but YOUR FACE!! How can we ever get mad at your face. and usually we have to hold back our laughs because you tell us you did it 'purpose'. (ie: did you just pee your pants? yah-mam. was it an accident? purpose.)

we love you so much buddy! We hope you have an amazing birthday and we are so excited to see what TWO has in store for you. xoxoxoxo, dada and momma.

stats and favorites:

weight: 29 lbs
height: 35'
teeth: 20

favorite foods: green beans, banana, apple sauce, chicken, cheese, almonds, and raisins.
favorite books: ABCs of me, and the opposites book.
favorite toys: TRAINS, balls and basketball hoop.
favorite shows: bubble guppies and veggie tails.
nicknames: we call you dbo, d, buddy, mommas baby, dur-dum (that's what you call yourself)


kirkandmona said...

Being this sweet little guys Grandma is one of my favorite things to be. Pure joy and excitement!! I think every year is going to just keep getting better and better!! And I can't wait to see what you teach me this coming year.

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